Low Cost ConnectTo.Net WiFi Phone -- Kick your Cell Bill! -- Only 14.95 a month.


If you have access to WiFi in your home, office, or on the road, you can completely eliminate your expensive cell phone service and still have unlimited phone calls anywhere in the US or Canada.

Low Cost ConnectTo.Net Phone Service: $14.95 a month for UNLIMITED talk, UNLIMITED Onnet* texting, UNLIMITED data.

OR, add backup cell phone service for only $9.99 a month. (up to 100 minutes of calls when you are out of reach of WiFi.)

In order for this phone to work, you MUST be able to connect to a local WiFi connection. The phone itself is an HTC EVO 4G. Refurbished to like new condtion. This is an Android phone, so you have access to the 30,000 or so Android apps as well as unlimited phone call to the US and Canada, unlimited texting, and unlimited data (web pages and such). The phone sells for $99.95


If you already own a smartphone (android, iphone, or winphone) with or without an active cell service, you can install wifi phone service on it easily. Go to the signup page and purchase the $14.95 unlimited wifi service. We will send you 1-2-3 instructions to install wifi phone service on your smartphone. It only takes 2 minutes and you are ready to go.


You do not have to make any long term committment to get ConnectTo.Net's low rate. And you do not have to pay for multiple months in advance. We bill month to month. If at any time, you become dissatisfied with our performance, you are free to cancel your service without penalty. We want to earn your continued business by our continued performance.

*OnNet texts are texts sent to any other ConnectTo.net customer. OffNet texts are those sent to any other phone, and are limited to 100 texts per month.

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